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Week OneGive as an act of worship

Scripture: Exodus 35; Philippians 4; Malachi 1

God is worthy of our worship. He is matchless. There is no one and nothing to compare with Him. And one of the most transforming ways we worship God is through becoming generous and joyful givers.

Week TwoGive to Invest in Eternity

Scripture: Luke 12:13-21; 16:1-9

Some investments simply don't work out - they decline in value or disappear altogether. In fact, from the Bible's point of view, all earthly wealth will ultimately lose all of its value unless it is converted into something of eternal value - PEOPLE. God loves people because people are made in His image, and they will all live forever, with Him or apart from Him. So invest your life - your treasure, your time, your talent - in helping people find and follow Jesus.